Frequently Asked Questions

What does Email Encryption cost/ Are there setup fees?

There are no setup fees for encryption and the cost is $15.00 a month for the first user then, each additional user is $12.00 a month.

Does Protected Trust offer special pricing/functionality for larger clients?

Yes, we work with dozens of enterprise clients to craft a solution to fit their specific needs.

What are the typical payment terms?

Payment is made month to month.

Do you integrate with my practice management or EHR software?

We integrate with many prominent practice management programs. For more information and step by step instructions check out integrations page here

Does Email Encryption work with Outlook?

We help to simplify your workflow as we integrate with Outlook and many practice management applications. You may initiate the email from Outlook and send it securely from your encryption account.

Do I need Outlook or practice management software to use Outlook?

No, you may send secure emails by logging into your encryption account on any device that has Internet connectivity.

Do recipients need accounts to view my encrypted message?

You decide how the recipient accesses the message. You don’t have to force referring practices to set up an account to view your secure message. You can give them a passcode to use each time you send them a message, ask a custom question, or use phone verification.

Can I revoke (unsend) previously sent encrypted messages?

Yes you can revoke sent messages at any time. 

Will I know when my message is opened?

Yes, you can choose to be notified via read receipt when recipients open your message. You can also view a detailed Delivery Log for messages that you send.  

What is the attachment size limit?

You may send an unlimited amount of secure emails with your account and attachments may be up to 1 GB.

Will my recipients be able to send their own encrypted messages?

Your email recipients may choose to set up their own free guest account of our solution. They can use the guest account to access your secure messages, or they can send you a new email securely. Guest users may send you as many secure emails as they need to and will have 30 days to access the secure messages you send them. A guest account allows for 10 free emails in the lifetime of the account.

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